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Brooke Schechner // What I Remember From Orientation 

Brooke Schechner, second-year M.A. student in the Teaching of English, recalls a tumultuous first day at Teachers College and offers some words of reassurance for new students. Professor: “So, are you doing the 34, 36, 38 point program?” Me: “Ugh, Mom…. which one am I doing?” That’s right, I brought my mom to orientation. Despite …

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Savor TC—Theory, Practice, and Community // Saadia H. Khalid 

It is difficult to put into words all there is to remember, all there is to savor about the next few semesters of your educational life.  So I will begin, then, by saying that there is much to remember, much to savor, and hope that you will consider this at the start. I began at …

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When All Else Fails… 

While sitting in John Browne’s Teaching of Reading class, I had my first brilliant lesson idea. I had spent the past few weeks trying to figure out how to spice up my cooperating teacher’s lessons on summaries.  Each day, the students would read a short piece of literature, take notes, and write a summary of …

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A Message for New Student Teachers: Stay Positive // Emily Carman 

We asked Emily Carman, a tenth-grade English teacher who recently completed the M.A. program in the Teaching of English at TC, to offer some words of wisdom for new student teachers. Her advice: stay postive. One of the many things that attracted me to teaching is that it is a dynamic profession that requires constant …

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