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English Education

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Nicole Callahan: Destiny, Legacy and Literature 

Nicole Callahan is a high school English teacher living in Hermosa Beach, California. This fall, she returns to Columbia University as a Zankel Fellow and Doctoral student in the Teaching of English Department. You attended Columbia University as an undergrad. What is most exciting about returning to your alma mater and New York City? There …

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When All Else Fails… 

While sitting in John Browne’s Teaching of Reading class, I had my first brilliant lesson idea. I had spent the past few weeks trying to figure out how to spice up my cooperating teacher’s lessons on summaries.  Each day, the students would read a short piece of literature, take notes, and write a summary of …

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How does one move from North Carolina hill country to an Ivy League school in New York City? It’s not a silly question. Residual versions of the same question mystify most scholars of English education. How does English education promote individual freedom? How does English education enable learning for students regardless of their hometown? How …

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Frankenstein: A Cautionary Tale for Parents and Teachers 

When I was little, my mom often bought me a small toy when we went to the grocery store.  But I soon learned to associate going to the store with getting something I wanted, and during one tragic visit when I was about two years old, I fell in love with a plastic blow-up Easter …

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A Message for New Student Teachers: Stay Positive // Emily Carman 

We asked Emily Carman, a tenth-grade English teacher who recently completed the M.A. program in the Teaching of English at TC, to offer some words of wisdom for new student teachers. Her advice: stay postive. One of the many things that attracted me to teaching is that it is a dynamic profession that requires constant …

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The Education of a Close Reader, Part I 

Where does the education of a reader begin? The story of my own origins as a reader probably starts long before I was born. In a parking garage in the Bronx, perhaps, where my paternal grandfather spent most of his working days, memorizing poems (and even reading the dictionary) as he tirelessly managed the Yankee …

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Retooling English 

My family had many ways of knowing and doing.  My mom was creative—she loved to garden, learn new crafts, quilt and sew.  She could transform the simplest components into something lovely or useful. My dad was (and still is) an artist when it came to carving the earth with a backhoe and a bulldozer.  He …

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