From Sheridan Blau: Join the National Council of Teachers of English!

| September 23, 2010

This message was written by Sheridan Blau, Distinguished Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of the Teachers College English Education Program.

Every student in our masters and doctoral programs should be a member of the National Council of Teachers of English. Membership in NCTE is a first step for every English teacher or prospective English teacher in taking on a professional identity. Student memberships are very inexpensive and a bargain not to be missed.

NCTE is the primary professional organization for classroom Teachers of English at every level of education. NCTE journals are the principal scholarly  and professional journals in our field, and NCTE serves as an advocate for English teachers and for thoughtful policy regarding language, literacy, and literature in dealing with government agencies and the public. NCTE member services include extensive support for teachers in matters like censorship, book selection, assessment, adolescent literacy, and so on. The annual NCTE convention (this year in Orlando) is a major professional development opportunity for any new or veteran English teacher and features presentations and workshops by all the leading writers and researchers in our field. It also offers an opportunity for classroom teachers to share their best practices with interested colleagues from all over the English speaking world. Every member of our English education faculty is an active member of NCTE and most of us will be attending and presenting at the NCTE convention in Orlando in November.

Student membership in NCTE is a terrific bargain at $25.00 and student subscriptions to NCTE journals are half-price. NCTE has a journal for every interest group among English teachers. Most of our masters students will want to subscribe to ENGLISH JOURNAL for secondary English teachers or  VOICES FROM THE MIDDLE for middle school language arts teachers. All of our EdM and doctoral students should also subscribe to ENGLISH EDUCATION. Some classes in our program may require all students to join NCTE and to subscribe to at least one NCTE journal.

Attached you will find an NCTE student membership application. Use this to join NCTE and select your journals today. You may also join NCTE as a student member by going to the NCTE website:

Click here to download a printable NCTE Student Membership Application Form (PDF)